Ninja Foodi Review

One thing I really wanted for Christmas this year was this Ninja Foodi. I kept seeing it pop up all over the place, but just didn’t bite the bullet. I was stoked to get it for Christmas, and I can tell you – it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!

I have cooked non stop with this baby, I wanted to share this review in case anyone was curious about the functionality.

Ninja FD401

Here’s why I love it (an honest review):

  1. Has 8 functions! (Pressure Cook, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, AirCrisp, Bake/Roast, Broil, Dehydrate, and Sear/Saute).
  2. Space Saver. While the machine is large, it replaced 4 other appliances for us which is great for our small kitchen!
  3. Less Dishes. This appliance does it all. It can sear in the same pot as slow cook. It can bake and air crisp. You can do it all from one pot which is very helpful for this mom who has no time (or energy) for dishes at the end of the night.
  4. Cooks FAST! There is no preheating with this thing. You set the temp and go. Baking chicken takes me 15 minutes. Pressure Cooking takes me less than 10 minutes. It allows me to get food on our table fast.
  5. Large food volume: This appliance is 8 quarts, which is one of the largest you can find. I never have a problem fitting my big cuts of meat in this.
  6. Comes with a recipe book! I was very intimidated when I opened it up on how to use it. The directions and recipe book make it very easy. I’ll also be posting lots of recipes and how to guides here for anyone who wants some extra help. I’ve pretty much perfected it now.
  7. Dishwasher safe parts (need I say more?).

The food this thing produces has really surpassed my expectations. My kids would rather eat my homemade chicken nuggets in here than any other frozen/fast food. It helps our family eat better, healthier, and cheaper. I posted a link below for you to check out. Sometimes they are on sale! Comment below if you have one and love it like I do! And stay tuned, because I’ll be doing some recipes and Quick Start guides for this as well.


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