Kid Friendly Christmas DIY Project


Christmas is my all time favorite part of the year. This year, we have had to be extra creative with activities because of the pandemic. I recently bought a Cricut which I’ve been eying for YEARS! I’m going to do a full review and a beginner’s guide soon. I scoured the internet for a first time open play by play so I’m going to do one.

I usually stock up on Christmas crafts throughout the year because I know we are constantly doing them. I found these awesome little wood round ornament blanks at Hobby Lobby (50% off of course). I’m constantly picking up little things for us to do when all else fails. Craft stores are full of “blanks” that you can really do anything you want with. My son Calvin had been asking to paint with me so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity.

These will be ornaments, but we will put them on the outside of the presents as both a “name tag” and an ornament for their tree. My vision was clearly different than his, and I think both turned out great! Best part is, we had such a great time together. We talked, we painted, and we shared some special bonding time – just my big boy and I.

All you need for this project is some blank wood round ornaments (found at any craft store), some paint, and a paint marker! If you’re like me, and you’re looking to put vinyl on everything because you recently bought a Cricut, this is also a fun little project that will help you get your feet wet in the very large Cricut world. Hope you have as much fun as we did!